Vulnerable Sector purposes

What is a Vulnerable Sector Check?

Vulnerable Sector checks provide organizations with essential information that is used to assess the suitability of individuals to work or interact with the most vulnerable members of society, such as children, the elderly and persons with disabilities. The check includes a search of criminal records and pardoned sex offender records in the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records. People who volunteer or have jobs where they are in positions of trust or authority over children or vulnerable persons can be asked by the hiring organization to obtain a vulnerable sector check.


If a name-based search result is inconclusive, a fingerprint submission is required to confirm identity. The Criminal Records Act requires that vulnerable sector checks be conducted for individual positions. This means that if you are applying for different positions that require a vulnerable sector check, you may need to submit fingerprints for each of those individual positions.


How to apply for a Vulnerable Sector Check?


If you need a vulnerable sector check, you need to apply with the Local Police Service.

If fingerprints are required, the Police Service may advise the Applicant to attend an Accredited Fingerprinting Company like FAST Fingerprint Services Inc. for the purposes of having your fingerprints electronically taken and submitted.

The applicant needs to have a Letter of Instruction issued by the Police Service and bring it to an Accredited Fingerprinting Company.

RCMP will send search results directly to the Police Service only.

FAST Fingerprint Services’ involvement limits only in capturing and submission of your fingerprints to RCMP for processing.