About us

Accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), FAST Fingerprint is approved to capture and submit your fingerprints to RCMP in support of criminal record check for civil purposes.

Please be noted that we only capture and submit your fingerprints to RCMP. We do not process nor have access to the RCMP’s database. Once your fingerprints are sent to RCMP, we no longer store your fingerprints. RCMP will process and once completed, they will send your criminal record to the address you requested. 

We use LiveScan digital fingerprinting technology which allows us to submit fingerprints electronically to the RCMP on the same day (or the next day if it falls on the weekend). Response from RCMP is as few as 03 business days (if there is no match to a criminal record). Results are mailed to the address provided (extra time for Canada Post should be allowed).

We do not provide biometrics services.